How do I use tags & captions to organize my library?

We've built a number of powerful tools that can help you organize and sort through your Picturelife library. Learn more about searching your Picturelife library by tag, caption, album, and attribute.

To tag an image or video

At this time, tagging is only enabled via your Picturelife account on the web.

  1. Login to your Picturelife account via a desktop web browser.
  2. From any grid view, select one or more photos so that they are highlighted in blue, OR
  3. Open a single photo to view it in full screen
  4. Click the left-pointing double arrows, located on the right side of the screen, to open the Info menu
  5. Find and click the blue words "Add tag" to open the tag text box
  6. Enter the tag word you want to use, and click the blue Add button

Once Picturelife has indexed the tag to your library (it takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on server capacity at the time), you can then search your library for all pictures with that tag.

Learn more about searching your Picturelife library by tag. 

To remove a tag from an image or video

  1. Select the image(s) so they're highlighted in blue or a single image is open in full screen
  2. Open the Info menu
  3. Locate the tags at the bottom of the Info menu
  4. Click the X next to the tag you want to remove, and confirm that you want to remove it.

To add a caption to an image

Add a caption to one image at a time from any grid view or from full screen view.

From a grid view

  1. Select the photo so that it's highlighted in blue
  2. Tap the Enter key on your keyboard OR hover your cursor over the bottom of the thumbnail until you see "Enter a caption"
  3. Type the caption
  4. Tap the Enter key again to enter the caption  

From full screen view 

  1. Find and open the selected photo in full screen view Click "Click to edit caption"
  2. Type the caption
  3. Tap the Enter key again to enter the caption 

To add star ratings to your pictures

Rating your images will improve your Picturelife experience. You can search images by their star rating. Learn more about searching your Picturelife library for photos and videos by attribute. Once a rating is applied, the star turns white. Greyed out stars are suggested ratings, but are not actually applied to the photo.

To add a star rating from any grid view:

  1. Select the photo so it's highlighted in blue
  2. In the context menu that pops up next to the selected photo, hover the cursor over the desired star - it will turn yellow
  3. Click the desired star rating - the star will turn white when the rating has been applied That's it! You can then search for photos by star rating.  

To remove a star rating: 

  1. Select the photo so it's highlighted in blue
  2. Tap the number 0 key on your keyboard - the rating will be removed

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