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Why do I have a Picturelife Public Page?

Picturelife offers several ways to share photos - one of those ways is to share photos publicly or privately on your dedicated Picturelife Profile Page.

This means that you can select photos or albums, then generate a private or public link to those photos, and send that link to your friends and family. All they need to do is click on the link and they'll be taken to a web view of the gallery.

Click here to learn how to share photos, albums, and videos using a public or private link.

Does this mean my photos are public?

Nope - this means that you can choose to share some photos publicly - this is completely in your control. By default, your uploaded photos and videos are private - the only way anyone can view them via your public page is if you change a photo or album's privacy to Public.

Who can see photos shared with a link?

The only way someone can view them is if you (the page owner) give them the direct link. When you do that, it'll look something like this:

Are photos I share with a link searchable by search engines?

Albums or photos accessible by Anyone with the Link aren't visible on your Picturelife public homepage and aren't searchable by search engines - even to the logged in album / photo owner (you).

Is there a chance that someone I don't know will guess the URL for my Shared with Link photos?

It is very unlikly that someone could just type in the right digits and stumble across your gallery. The random numbers and letters at the end of that URL is the "key" that's required to open the privately shared photos/album. Without it, visitors will be redirected to your main public profile page.

How do I know which photos or albums I've shared with a link?

You can see which photos are shared With a Link by checking the icon in the top right corner of the media's thumbnail - it will look something like this: PICTURE We'll also show the album's privacy level to the logged-in page owner when you view the album via your profile page: PICTURE Alternatively, you can run a search for "shared via link" and click on the appropriate search term from the drop down suggestions: PICTURE

How do I make a photo or album private again?

Find and select/open the album or photo that you've shared and open the Info menu - click the Privacy level and select "Private". The album or photo will no longer be visible to anyone but you.

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