What is Picturelife?

Picturelife is the smart home for all of your photos and videos. We safely and securely store your favorite memories in one private library - and make it easy to organize, reminisce over, and share photos any time you have internet access.

Here's an introduction to how Picturelife works.

  • Easily upload all your photos and videos to one secure location - from the web at, from your iPad &iPhone, your Android, and Mac, or Windows computer. You can even import photos from your favorite social media accounts - finally, all your photos and videos in one place!
  • Pictures in your pocket - or on your computer, or from your couch, or in the car or... you get the idea. With our selection of apps, you can view and organize your entire Picturelife library - from anywhere you have access to the internet.
  • Your photos are just that - they belong to you - which means that, by default, photos stored in your Picturelife library are completely private. You choose with whom, when, and how to share your favorite memories - or just keep them private for yourself!
  • Wow, great photo! You should send that to your friends! Luckily, we've got you covered, offering several ways to privately or publicly share your favorite pics.


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