My SmugMug photos aren't fully imported

Picturelife is only able to access your public photos from SmugMug, but one of our fantastic users found this helpful workaround.

If you've noticed that many of your SmugMug photos have not been imported - and you have several private albums in SmugMug follow these instructions to get all of your SmugMug photos and albums imported:

  1. Disable SmugMug account in Picturelife Network Settings
  2. Log into SmugMug settings/privacy and revoke all Picturelife access (remember to Save and Exit)
  3. Go to Picturelife Network Settings and reauthorize and enable Maintain Album Structure, but do not enable backup yet
  4. Go to SmugMug, and change Picturelife permissions to Full,Read.
  5. Go to Picturelife Network Settings and enable SmugMug backup
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