What is the Mac Smartloader and how do I get it?

Picturelife works best when the web app, desktop app, and mobile app are all used together.

The Smartloader is Picturelife's desktop application - once set up, the Smartloader runs in the background on your computer and automatically watches selected folders for new pictures & videos, and then uploads them to your Picturelife account. It takes the headache out of backing up your photos by automating the process and backing up your memories to Picturelife for you.

Setting up the desktop app is easy, and is essential to having a great Picturelife experience.

If you are running OS X 10.6 or OS X 10.6.8, please download the .dmg file from

Install the Smartloader for Mac

  1. Start by downloading the Smartloader on your Mac
  2. The dmg file will be downloaded to your Mac Downloads folder - open that folder and double click to start the install

Sign in to the desktop application

  1. Once installed, you will be prompted to either sign in or create a new account. You only need one account no matter how many devices you want to use with Picturelife.
  2. When asked which subscription you want, either
    • If you're new to Picturelife: select one of our three Premium subscriptions or, if you're just testing the service out, keep the free 8GB account by selecting Free; or
    • For existing account holders: keep your existing plan (free or Premium) by selecting Free or update to a Premium subscription if you need more storage.
  3. When you reach the Folders screen, click anywhere on the screen - uncheck folders you do not want to upload from, or leave everything checked if you want Picturelife to search and upload photos from all of the listed sources
  4. Once the sign in is complete, you can find and adjust your desktop app Preferences by clicking on the Picturelife icon in your desktop menu bar.

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  • Avatar

    I keep getting asked to sign into the app what feels like every 5 mins. Why does it keep assuming I'm starting from the beginning again?

    This behavior started with the Mac OS X update that came out a couple of weeks ago.

  • Avatar
    Picturelife Support

    Try doing a clean install - quit Picturelife > trash the app from Applications > return to Applications and hold down the OPTION key > Go menu > keep holding OPTION and select Library > find and drag the Picturelife library to the Trash. Once you've done that, re-download and install the Smartloader from

  • Avatar
    Moises Askenazi

    Ive been sending requests for help from support for 2 months. Have not received any. Disappointing indeed.

  • Avatar
    Picturelife Support

    Hi Moises,
    You just received a reply from the support. We can't find the ticket you are talking about, it seems we didn't receive it, sorry about that.

  • Avatar
    Dan & Stephanie Shockley

    Does Smartloader for Mac now support Apple's library format? I remember it did not when first came out.

  • Avatar
    Dan & Stephanie Shockley

    I tried to update from within the Picturelife Smart Uploader preferences, and it returned an error.
    So, I cam here, and just tried the Download link. It took me to an Amazon AWS site (URL: ) that returned the following error:
    AllAccessDisabledAll access to this object has been disabled.

    Your returns this error:
    Pingdom - Measuring uptime and response time
    Sorry, couldn’t find the status page
    This could be because the account was cancelled, or maybe you slipped over the keyboard while typing the URL?

    The most recent article at is from over a year ago. I know there was an acquisition by StreamNation, but that news was accompanied by a claim that Picturelife would remain in business. Was that supposed to read "sorta in business" ?!?
    Are the lights still on at Picturelife?!?

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