Navigating the Settings menu

After you've created a Picturelife account and downloaded all of the apps, it's time to set up your Picturelife Account Settings on the web.

Intro to your Account Settings:


To access your Settings from any desktop web browser, login to your Picturelife account.

How to access the main Settings Menu

  1. Find your "avatar" in the top left corner of your logged in Picturelife library on the web >click the arrow > click Settings; OR
  2. Follow and bookmark this URL:

What can I do with my Picturelife Account Settings?

ACCOUNT - find a referral link, change account password, add or change email address.

PUBLIC PROFILE - add a profile picture, edit your personal information and timezone, create your dedicated Picturelife public page URL for sharing with friends and family (privately or publicly).

Learn more: Set up your Picturelife public profile and public URL.

SUBSCRIPTION - upgrade your account, edit your payment information, find your recent transactions, share storage.

Learn more: Pricing & Billing FAQs

NETWORKS - link your social networks so you can import photos from or post photos to your favorite social networks. Note that we do NOT import videos from social networks.

Learn more: Import photos from your favorite social networks

NOTIFICATIONS - adjust how, when, and why Picturelife will contact you.

Learn more: Enable or disable daily emails and mobile notifications

PRIVACY - Allow or disallow downloads of photos you've shared via your public page, find and log out of active sessions remotely.

Access your Privacy Settings

ADVANCED - Find information about S3 bucket use, reset your account, or (and we hope you won't want to do this!) delete your account entirely. 

Access your Advanced Settings.

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