Do I need an account to use Picturelife?

Nope, but it's definitely more fun if you do!

If you do NOT create an account, you can still use our free iPhone / iPad app to:

  • View the photos and videos that are stored in your camera roll, in Picturelife's beautiful lay out
  • Share photos with friends
  • Beautify your photos using our Aviary photo editor
  • Hide photos so you don't see them in Picturelife
  • Organize your Favorite photos into one page

The pictures are stored on your iPhone - so if you delete anything from the device, they won't be visible via Picturelife anymore.

But, if you decide to create a free Picturelife account, you'll find that you have several more options for viewing, editing, and sharing your photos. Plus, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your photos are safe in your free Picturelife cloud storage account - even if you lose your iPhone!

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