What's changed in the new Picturelife iOS app?

We realize that the app looks pretty different (and hopefully you love it!). We've done our best to anticipate and answer your questions in our Help Center.

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The biggest change - you don't need an account to use Picturelife on your iPhone or iPad! 

What this means:

  • Picturelife organizes the photos that are stored on your device, within the Picturelife app
  • If you are logged out, your pictures will NOT be stored on Picturelife storage 
  • If you want to upload the pictures and videos to Picturelife storage, you need to login and enable uploads:
    • Open the side bar menu and tap Sign In
    • Create a new account or login to your existing account
    • When prompted, tap Enable Upload
    • If you forget to tap Start Upload, open the app's menu bar and tap Upload Paused
    • Tap the button next to Allow Uploads so it turns blue - this means the app is uploading your photos, as long as you're logged in to your account.



The new Timeline replaces both Timeline and All Pictures. What's new:

  • Photos are laid out in a more beautiful "funky" grid, rather than boring squares
  • Organized by date - newest to oldest
  • Year / Month / Day events are a thing of the past
  • Quick date navigator: tap the date button to open a calendar and select the day you want to view.

Still have questions about Timeline? Check out the new iOS app's Frequently Asked Questions.


You asked (and asked, and asked) and we listened - Places lets you view all your photos in a map, organized by where the photo was taken. What's new:

  • Location is determined by the photo's GPS exif data.
  • It is NOT possible to manually adjust the location - this is a common feature request, and we are planning to enable it as soon as we can.
  • Accidentally disable Picturelife location services? No problem - enable location services by going to your iOS device Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Picturelife.

Still have questions about Places? Check out the new iOS app's Frequently Asked Questions.


Photos are organized into pictures of people. If we can detect a face in one of your photos, you'll find that photo in Faces. What's new:

  • Faces are automatically detected.
  • It's NOT possible to manually add a face tag in the iOS app - this feature will be available soon.
  • It's also not possible to remove a photo from Faces - but you CAN hide it. To hide: tap and hold the photo > keep holding when the shortcuts menu opens > drag the photo to "Hide". The photo will no longer appear in your Picturelife library.

Still have questions about Faces? Check out the new iOS app's Frequently Asked Questions.


All of the Picturelife photos and videos you've ever favorited, organized into one place. To favorite or unfavorite a photo:

  • Open and hold your finger on the photo
  • When a new screen opens, keep holding the photo
  • Drag the photo to Heart
    • If it's not yet a Favorite, this will add the photo to your Favorites.
    • If it's already a Favorite, this will UN-favorite the photo.

Still have questions about Favorites? Check out the new iOS app's Frequently Asked Questions.


Sharing an album is currently disabled - this feature will come back ASAP. Thanks for your patience!

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    MegoM Sloan

    It would be great to add GPS and Map to individual photo info panels. Even better to enable the ability to launch the iOS Maps app with the location pin dropped.

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