Did I receive my bonus storage?

Receive a promotional Picturelife offer? Refer a friend? These things usually result in a big fat wet kiss of thanks from Picturelife (in the form of free bonus storage). If you're not sure if the bonus was received, there are three easy ways to figure it out:

1st - Find Base + Bonus Storage under General Account Settings

  1. Login and follow this link to your Account Settings:
  2. Under Account Usage, you'll see Base Plan storage. Next to that is your total Bonus storage. Combined, they make up the total storage available in your Picturelife account.

SCREENSHOT - Settings/Account

2nd - From your Subscriptions Settings page

  1. Click here to open your Subscription Page
  2. Scroll to Recent Transactions - The most recent promotional or bonus storage grants will be listed at the top. Transaction and Bonus Storage History.

SCREENSHOT - Subscription page

3rd - Go straight to your Transaction History

  1. Click here to open your Full Transaction History
  2. This list includes all promotional bonus storage grants and subscription payments. The most recent transactions are listed at the top.

SCREENSHOT - Transaction History page

Still don't think you received the bonus?

IF (after checking your account) you believe you did not get a bonus, we'll be happy to fix that. Just email and we'll take care of it!

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