How much storage do I have?

How do I know how much storage I have in my Picturelife account? There are a few ways to find your total available (free, premium, promotional, and referral) Picturelife account storage.

From your General Account Settings

  1. Login and follow this link to your Account Settings:
  2. Under Account Usage, you'll see Base Plan storage. Next to that is your total Bonus storage. Combined, they make up the total storage available in your Picturelife account.


From your Picturelife Home Page

  1. Click the up-arrow / cloud in the top left corner of your home page - this will open a status bar that shows your total used and total available storage.
  2. Note - that status bar won't appear until after your account's been populated with some photos.


From your Picturelife iPad &iPhone app

  • Login to your Picturelife account from your iPad or iPhone Picturelife account and swipe your finger across the screen from left to right to open the Menu Bar
  • FIRST: At the bottom of the menu bar, you'll find total used and total available storage.
  • You can also tap the % and view the full Upload Status menu


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