Navigating the Settings menu

A video guide to Account Settings

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    Anita Dash

    You have a great product and service. Your video with explanations lack both time to comprehend the instructions and
    a total lack of communicative skills for the female voice.
    As soon as another product is released like yours, I will close
    my account. Please take heed. I am not a complainer but someone is missing the boat. For heavens sake hire someone to advise you. It is your money so take my advice or leave it.

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    Amy C.

    Hi Anita,

    I'm sorry you feel that way as a result of the first tutorial video I've ever put together - we have to start somewhere! We are a small company and do what we can with limited resources. That also means learning as we go on things like video tutorials.


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    Anita Dash

    When giving explanations give an overall view of the page first listing all the subjects both visibly and then with audio. Then go over your instructions. Most people will have not seen any of the pages until the tutorial and have little patience when learning something new when it is introduced with such a fast pace. Slow down and vocally sound as if you are really excited with the program. If your pleased and enthusiastic your new members will be pleased as well. If you have limited resources your new creation certainly does not reflect that in all the advantages it can offer. If I were you I would be pretty jolly and enthusiastic. The program is terrific. Have fun with it and your new members will too. You can do it!

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