Can I reorder the photos in my albums?

Photos in albums are automatically organized by date and time - oldest photos at the beginning and newest at the end. At this time, it's not possible to manually re-order the photos - if you'd like this as a feature, we'd love to hear from you. Add your comments below, and be sure to include a use case so we can learn more about why this feature is important to you!

If you need to adjust the timestamp on any uploaded photos, sign in to the Picturelife website and adjust the photo's date and time using the timestamp editor.

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    Seth DeBriere

    Absolutely need this feature. If anything just in the beginning as a way to make sure everything is sync'ing accordingly.

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    Michael Cooper

    Just had this problem myself. It's a key feature being able to re-order albums by date/time.

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    Daniel Ebert

    I would like to have the possibility to manually re-order by drag and drop and to sort it by filename.

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    I would really like this feature. When there are multiple photos taken around the same time (different cameras) sometimes the ordering doesn't make sense if just by time.

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    Being able to manually set order of photos is really important. Often a single site is revisited and rephotographed, so they are better organized by location rather than by timeline. For sharing, multiple albums would accomplish the same thing, but are less convenient.

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    Henry Sturcke

    Add me to the list of people who want to be able to manually rearrange. Why should the date stamp determine the order I want to show the photos? Plus, I have the same problem mentioned above: I'm combining photos from two devices. One adjusted the time zone, the other didn't.

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    You absolutely need to add this feature! It doesn't matter what the time is that you take the photo its all about how you want them ordered! Not to mention its messing up the time order anyways. I've taken a succession of shots of someone in motion and they are all jumbled up. #lame

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    V.H. Belvadi

    Another vote for this feature. I may visit a place or theme multiple times through the year, and I might not want to organise them by date, and instead by some theme, flow or story. This is hard to generalise as a standard use-case, but the ability to manually re-order an album is a must-have.

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    Andre Gourdin

    It is important to me To have this feature
    please !

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    Yes, I have already looked for this feature and been disappointed. Often I want to move photos around a bit in an album to tell a better story!

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    I'd love to be able to do this -- it allows me to tell a better story with my pictures.

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