Videos are not playing in the web app


Video not playing in the web? This is an annoying issue, but it does not affect your media. The issue is with our web player. It's actually a pretty time consuming fix, but we will get to it sooner than later. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

If your video isn't playing in the web app (but it is in the iOS app):

  1. Login to your Picturelife account from a desktop web browser
  2. Open the video in full page view
  3. Use your keyboard right/left arrows to arrow forward to the next media in the sequence.
  4. Next, arrow back to the video.
  5. Hit the Play button again.

Ta da! The video should start playing.

STILL not working?

Repeat steps 1-4, but this time click ON the video itself (not on the play button) - this should start the video.

Watch the workarounds in action!




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    Bhagwati Gupta

    Hi - are you going to fix this problem any time soon? The proposed workaround is really not a solution (just yesterday my wife was very annoyed because she could't get videos to play). I see that it is going to be the single biggest deal-breaker for people like me who want to try your service (or trying right now). I won't pay for it until my videos are playing nicely on the Mac. Couple wks ago when I first found Picturelife I really liked it but now I am starting to look for alternatives.

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