How do I manage what gets uploaded to the Picturelife Cloud via iOS?

When you sign into a Picturelife account, you can decide whether or not you want to enable backup of your camera roll to the Picturelife Cloud.

Once you're in the main app, you can always manage or view the status of your camera roll backup. To do this, select the Upload Status sidebar item. From there, you can enable or disable uploads. You can also look at everything in your camera roll and what specifically is in the upload queue.

In both Camera roll and Upload queue, you can change the upload preference for all of your camera roll media, either as a whole or individually. Use the Options menu button to look for new items, upload or ignore everything, or upload or ignore new items. Tap the small icons in the lower right of each thumbnail to adjust upload preferences for that individual media.

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    Cameron-Schultz Family

    This is not the options I see in the Android interface! I assume this is for iOS?! In fact my issue is that on Android every single jpg/png/etc. is being uploaded - it's way too aggressive!!! A lot of those images are assets of another app and shouldn't be in my Timeline. And sometimes it's pulling in images from Evernote or Handy Scanner, which I really don't need or want in Picturelife.

    When will this issue be addressed? I would like to specify which directories to include in the auto-backup. Thanks,

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    Piotr Leja

    Hi Cameron,
    This is article is mainly for iOS users. At this time we do not have - upload only folder x, y, z. Anything you could find in your gallery is being uploaded. One of the next things that is in the works is selecting only certain folders to upload, and adding a manual, backup x file.
    I cannot give you a concrete timeframe on the backup though. Currently we only stop uploads from system folder and certain apps that save things on the sdcard.
    I will get back to you as soon as selective uploads, and manual uploads are working.

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    Matt Carter

    Has the timeline for this functionality been solidified yet? It's availability will determine whether I move from freemium to premium.

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    Floor Crijns

    I see my iPhone pictures are not uploaded in high res. They are just 852x640. Is there a way to make the app upload the stuff in real size (2448x3264). It's important for my decision to use your tool for my 250 Gb's of pictures.

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    @Floor Crijns - Since no one has answered your question, I will offer you an answer based on what I have found on their help menus. (I am not affiliated with PictureLife). The photo is uploaded in full rez but in order to save you space on your device the default display to you is in a lower rez. If you use the web interface you should be able to look at the exif data and see full rez. You will probably have more luck using the search bar in help, as I recall seeing info on this in a few places. I only stumbled upon it because I am looking for how to a FORCE RE-UPLOAD for a pic deleted from PictureLife. No luck for me though:(
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