Where can I find information about my account, backup, & upload status?

Once you sign into a Picturelife account, you might want to manage or view your account and the status of your camera roll backup to the Picturelife Cloud. You can do this by opening the sidebar and then selecting the first item in the lower section of options. This item shows a quick at-a-glance upload status. It might read one of a few things such as "UPLOAD PAUSED" or "UPLOADING # ITEMS".

When you tap this item, you'll see a summary of your account and your Picturelife Cloud. There, you can view information about your account, as well as manage what gets uploaded to the Picturelife Cloud.

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    Broken pictures :(

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    Picturelife Support

    Hm... I'm seeing them in my browser. Will look into it.

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    it's ok now,thanks

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