How do I share my storage?

The Share Plans are to share storage, not an actual account. The accounts themselves are still individual accounts, and do not share photos or login details.

You can share storage with any Picturelife user who has a Free Account. If someone you want to share an account with is a paying subscriber, that individual needs to downgrade to Free before you can invite her to share your Subscription Plan.

To invite a Picturelife user to share your storage:

  1. If the individual is a subscription holder, ask her to downgrade to a free account
    • The subscriber's Picturelife library will not be affected by the downgrade - but she will be unable to upload any new photos until she accepts your Family storage invitation
  2. After she downgrades to Free, send a Family Member Invite from your Account Settings page

  3. Ask the recipient to check her email inbox for a Picturelife notification and to Accept the Invite.
    • You will be notified any time an invitation is accepted.


That's it! You are now sharing your Storage!

You can view the storage-used by each Family Member in your Account Settings.

To remove a Family Member

Simply login to your Account Settings and click the Remove button next to that person's name. 

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