How do I print my photos?

You can now print photos using Shutterfly, and create albums, books, posters, stationary, cards, calendars (do people still use those?), and many more printed items that I didn't even know existed from your Picturelife account. I'll walk you through the steps, and offer a few suggestions along the way to make organizing and printing easy and fun. PLEASE NOTE: It's not possible to post an entire Album to Shutterfly - you'll need to select photos within the album (as many as you like) and then post to Shutterfly.

1. Set up and login to your Shutterfly account

  • EXISTING SHUTTERFLY ACCOUNT HOLDERS: If have an existing Shutterfly account, great, make sure you're actually signed in to Shutterfly (Shutterfly Sign In Page) and move on to step two.
  • NEW TO SHUTTERFLY: Click on this link and follow instructions to create a new Shutterfly account:

2. Add billing information to Shutterfly

Setting up your payment information and taking care of all the boring details first (like billing) will make the organization and printing process much easier and more fun. To do this:

  1. Login to your Shutterfly account
  2. Click My Shutterfly and then My Account and find your Billing information
  3. Click "Edit" next to Billing information - enter your CC info, click save, and return to Picturelife.

3. Link your Picturelife account to your Shutterfly account

  1. Login to your Picturelife account at for best results, use CHROME browser)
  2. Access your Picturelife Account Settings and navigate to the Networks menu (also here
  3. Find Shutterfly in the list and click the blue Connect button next to its name
    • If you get an error, return to and try again.

You'll know you've successfuly linked your Picturelife account to your Shutterfly account when you're re-directed to the Picturelife Settings page and you see this:



Before you do ANYTHING ELSE:

  1. Close all Shutterfly or Picturelife browser pages
  2. Open on a new browser window
  3. Refresh the page!

4. Find and select the pictures you want to print in your Picturelife account

You have two main options:

  1. Select and post photo(s) individually
  2. Create an album to house photos you want to post to Shutterfly for easy organization and identification

5. "Post" your pictures to Shutterfly

To post one or more pictures to Shutterfly via All Pictures or an existing album"

  1. Navigate to the menu option in Picturelife (Albums, All Pictures, Timeline)
    • If you are posting pictures from an album, please open that Album now
  2. Click the INFO button on the right side to open the INFO menu
  3. Select the picture(s) you want to send to Shutterfly
  4. In the right side INFO menu, find and click the POST TO button
    • Picturelife will post pictures to any social network whose icon is highlighted in blue in this menu- to de-select a social network, simply click that network's icon so it is not longer highlighted in blue
  5. Make sure the S is highlighted in blue
    If the S is not highlighted:
    • close out of the POST TO menu and refresh the Picturelife browser page.
    • Make sure the Shutterfly browser window is closed, and that there are no other Picturelife browser windows open.
  6. Confirm that the picture you want to send it highlighted in blue, and click the POST button.
  7. You'll see a banner notification confirming that the picture has been posted.

To post a batch of photos to Shutterfly from within a new or existing Picturelife album:

    1. Open the desired album
    2. Scroll through the album to double check that the photos you want to print are there
    3. Select all photos (Mac: COMMAND key+click, PC: CTRL key+click)
    4. Open the Info menu (click INFO button, top right corner of screen)
    5. Click the "Post To" button in the INFO menu
    6. A new context menu will open - the pictures that you're sending to Shutterfly will be highlighted in blue.
      • To un-select any of those photos, simply click the photo thumbnail from within that menu.
      • To re-select a photo, do the same thing so that it's highlighted again in blue.
    7. Optional (but recommended) - Add a message to go with the post. This will be used as the album name in your Shutterfly albums. I named mine "First batch to print - fave photos"
    8. Click the green Post button


                9.  You'll see a banner notification confirming that the picture has been posted.


Once you've successfully posted pictures to Shutterfly and are ready to create and print, return to your Shutterfly account on the web.

6. To find your Picturelife pictures in your Shutterfly account

    1. Login to your Shutterfly account at
      • You'll see a message about Kodak Gallery, and it will look like you need to login again - disregard this.
    2. Click the My Shutterfly link in the top right corner of the screen - this will open your Shutterfly library
    3. Under "My Pictures", you'll see an album created that houses the Picturelife photos you just posted to Shutterfly - click on the cover photo thumbnail to access those photos. You can see mine has an album called "First Printing Batch!", which is the message I typed into the context menu when I posted the pictures to Shutterfly.


If you have questions on how to use Shutterfly, please check out their Support page here: Shutterfly Support Site

Happy printing!

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