Add, remove, or change your upload source Folders - Windows Smartloader

Customize the Preferences on your Picturelife Smartloader for Windows so that Picturelife identifies and uploads new photos and videos from the folders you want.

  • Add, change, or remove folders from this list any time you're on your PC.
  • Add as many folders as you'd like as upload sources.
  • Once set up, and as long as you're logged in, the Smartloader runs automatically on your PC to identify and upload new photos and videos to your Picturelife library for safekeeping.

Before you start, make sure that you are logged in to the Windows Smartloader.

Smart idea for Quick Naviation: Click here to learn how to quickly access to the Picturelife Smartloader - "pin" Picturelife to your Taskbar or Start Menu

How to Add or Remove Upload Source Folders

  1. Find the Picturelife icon in the Windows taskbar menu
  2. Click on the icon and then select Preferences to open the Smartloader Preferences menu
  3. Select the "Folders" tab - this is where you can manage your upload sources.

To ADD a folder from which to upload, click "Add Folders"

  • Use the Navigator to navigate to and select the folder from which you want to upload to Picturelife
  • Select the folder, then click OK
  • In the Preferences menu, double check and make sure the folder was added as a source, and that the box next to that folder is ticked.


To REMOVE a folder and stop Picturelife from uploading pictures from that folder, un-tick the box next to the Folder name:

  • Find and select the folder in the upload sources list; OR
  • Select and highlight the folder you want to remove, then click Remove Folder to remove it from the list entirely.
  • Both options have the same effect - Picturelife will stop uploading folders and videos from the de-selected / removed folder.


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    Efren Navarro
    This does not say (and it seems not to) include subfolders of the selected folder. That's useful if you have an structured system with folders for years and months.
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