How do I create a photo album?

A Picturelife photo album is just like one you would create with printed photos. It’s a collection of pictures and videos that you select from your Picturelife library and collect in an album for easy viewing and sharing.

This is an introduction to creating and adding photos to albums from Picturelife on the web.

Tutorial coming soon: Learn how to create and manage albums in the iOS app (please check back tomorrow, August 8th 2014, for a tutorial!)

First things first - login to your Picturelife library from a desktop or laptop web browser.

Create an empty album

If you want to create an album, but you're not yet sure which photos you want to add to it, create an empty album and add photos at any later time or date. 

  1. In the left side bar, hover your cursor over the word Albums
  2. Click the + sign that appears
  3. Enter your album's name, a description, and who to send it to (though, this is an empty album so you probably don't want to send it yet)
  4. Click Create Album

You'll see a notification appear, confirming that the album has been created. The album will also appear in the Recent Albums list.

Create a populated album / add photos to a NEW album

If you already know which photos you want to populate a new album with, you can select those photos and create a new album from them. You can always add more photos or videos at a later date.

  1. Select one or more photos or videos that you want to add to the new album - selected photos will be highlighted in blue
  2. Click Add to - you can find this option in two places:
    • The right side Info menu - looks like a 3x2 table with a + symbol in the corner; or
    • The pop up context menu that appears alongside the selected photos
  3. Click Create New Album
  4. Enter the new album's name in the text box
  5. Click Create

You'll see a notification appear, confirming that the photos have been added to the new album. The album will also appear in the Recent Albums list.

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  • Avatar
    Cameron-Schultz Family

    Can I create an album from the pictures in my Family Stream? Or even my Friends Stream? So if we all attend an event together can I create one album using everyone's shared photos?

    This is particularly interesting from a Family perspective, where each member could have their own account on their device. But where a Family album could be created using photos from each person's stream.

    The alternative is to create one account that is used across everyone's device. But in that case just get 1 TB free from Flickr (or unlimited from G+ if you let Google automatically re-size your photos). The obvious problem with that is now everyone in your family will see all the photos you take. You can't keep some to yourself and put some in the Family stream.

    Great work, keep it up. Thanks,

  • Avatar
    Amith Alottam

    is there a way to rename an already existing album?

  • Avatar
    Picturelife Support

    Hi Amith,
    you can rename an already existing album from the website, by displaying it, and once displayed, just click on its name, you should be able to edit it.

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