Does Picturelife maintain Aperture's hierarchical album / project / folder structure?

Picturelife does not support hierarchical structure at this time. All Albums, Events, Projects, and Folders are converted into a flat album structure in Picturelife.


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    Scott & Jenn Roe

    I really like many aspects of picturelife. But the one thing that prevents me to easily share this with my family(immediate and extended) is a folder structure. I have many albums and search is just not always the best for browsing. From the comment it sounds like it may be in the plans to add at some point. Does picturelife plan to add a folder structure and if so what kind of timing?

    Like I said I really like Picturelife(especially the map feature) but if the folders are not a plan for the future I might not renew my subscription the next time it comes due.

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    Agreed. Will the folder structure feature return. This was a key thing we loved about streamnation but we also need the search and tagging. Unfortunately, we will have to find something new if this isn't in the plans.

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