I uploaded photos but I can't find them in Picturelife. What's wrong?

If there's a known processing issue, there will be an update posted at

There are a few reasons why you cannot yet see your uploaded Aperture or iPhoto photos - please try the following before reaching out to our support team:

  1. Wait a few minutes - it takes time to process photos and videos after they're uploaded - just like it would if you bring film to a processing center to get printed photos. Refresh the page after a few minutes - photos should start appearing in the order they were uploaded.
  2. Make sure the originals are identifiable by iPhoto/Aperture. Open the library from within the program on your desktop. If the program can find the originals, so can Picturelife. If the library is Referenced, make sure the referenced storage location is connected to the computer.
  3. Open Preferences > Folders > untick and then retick iPhoto/Aperture - this should kick start the upload.
  4. Check Preferences > Advanced - is "Pause upload while third party apps are open" selected? If so (and we do recommend this setting), Picturelife won't start the upload until you quit Aperture/iPhoto.

If these suggestions fail, please contact for further troubleshooting. It's always helpful if you run and include a diagnostic log for this type of problem. (See How to run a diagnostic log.)


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