Lightroom Plugin - Intro & System Requirements

The Picturelife Export Plugin for Adobe Lightroom enables you to export your edited and original photos and videos, as Lightroom Albums or Smart Albums, from Adobe Lightroom directly to your Picturelife library. Requirements:

  • Lightroom 4.0+
  • Windows or Mac operating system
  • A logged-in Picturelife account (get your free account here if you don't already have one -

The Picturelife Plugin for Adobe Lightroom helps you:

  • Manage albums
  • Export edited and original photos and videos from Lightroom to your Picturelife library
  • Share Lightroom albums and smart albums easily with your Picturelife Family - you can even choose to publish albums publicly, right from Lightroom!
  • Publish tags and ratings along with the photos - then search for them later in Picturelife

How do I install the plugin?

You’ll find the Windows and Mac download at 

Find full instructions here: Download, Install, & Setup the Lightroom Plugin

Learn more about the Picturelife Lightroom plug-in:

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