Does Picturelife sync my photos and videos back to my computer?

No - Picturelife does not provide syncing services between computers, or from Picturelife back to a computer.

Picturelife also does not provide two-way sync between Aperture or iPhoto libraries.

Your Picturelife photos and videos do, of course, belong to you and you can download your photos at any time. 

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    Severin Klaus

    It's just a shame though ... I've lost my local iPhoto Library, and now all this valuable meta information (star rating!) is cloud only. I've tried downloading (a hideous work for many photos), but importing them back into iPhoto or Photos does not seem to keep any meta information I've added manually.

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    Picturelife Support

    Hi Severin,

    Unfortunately, star-ratings are not in the exif data of the photos so they can't be downloaded back. Sorry about that.

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