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This tab provides you with Picturelife account information, including:

  • Total pictures in your Picturelife account - this number includes photos and videos that you've uploaded from different sources, such as the web, social networks, or your computer
  • Percentage used of total available space in your account - including photos and videos uploaded from other sources
  • Current Picturelife subscription plan - this is the current subscription plan applied to your account. 

Learn more: Picturelife subscription and pricing plans.

You can also pause or resume uploads from Android to Picturelife in the Status menu tab:

  • Pause uploads from your Android device to your Picturelife account by tapping "Pause uploads"
  • Resume uploads by tapping "Resume paused uploads"

Automatic Uploading

Picturelife can upload pictures from your Android device as you take the photos. You can adjust the settings here to enable:

  • Backup my pictures as I take them - enables background uploads
  • Notify me during uploads - Picturelife will send include a notification on your Android device that pictures are being backed up to your Picturelife account
  • Pause uploading on mobile networks - select this option to only enable uploads when your device detects and connects to a wireless network

Manual Upload

If you disable "Backup my pictures as I take them" in the Automatic Uploading tab, you can manually upload pictures from your Android device here.

  • Select picture to upload - tap this button to choose pictures from the Gallery app to upload to Picturelife
  • Upload All Pictures - tap this button to upload all pictures from your device to your Picturelife account.
  • Note that if you have automatic uploading enabled, you only need to tap "Upload All Pictures" once - any new pictures will be uploaded as you take them.

Please also note that Picasa images are currently not supported via the Android app. You can import photos from Picasa by logging in to your account on the web and adjusting your social network import settings here:

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    Matjaz Mirt

    I would like that Automatic uploads would upload pictures in selected album. Is it possible?

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