Post pictures or albums to social networks

You can post to as many social networks as you like all at once. If you have not yet connected your Picturelife account to a chosen social network, you’ll be prompted to do so. Don’t worry – Picturelife will never post pictures to your social networks without your permission.

  • From within Timeline, All Photos, or within an album, select the picture(s) you'd like to share.
    • To select multiple, hold the COMMAND (Mac) or CONTROL (PC) key and click on the photos you want to share.
  • Open the Info menu on the right side of the screen (looks like two arrows <<).
  • Click the "Share" button.
  • Click the "Post to social networks" tab and click on the icon of the social network where you want to share photos.
    • If you haven't connected to the network, you'll be prompted to authorize at this point (follow instructions to do so).
  • Type an optional sharing message.
  • Click the blue "Post" button - that's it! The photos will arrive to the recipient's email inbox AND Picture Mail notifications in a few minutes.

If you post individual pictures, they will appear on your social network in an album called "Picturelife Photos". You can adjust privacy settings, comment on, and tag the pictures on Facebook as usual. If you post an album that you created in Picturelife, the album will be posted as a separate album.

A couple of notes on posting albums to social networks:

  • You can only post albums that you created in Picturelife
  • If you get an error that says "Oh no! We were unable to post to Facebook at this time!", it is most likely because you are trying to post an album that you previously imported from a social network.
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    Pavel Kuzmin

    "You can only post albums that you created in Picturelife" - but i have albums imported from G+! Can i post this albums on facebook? I can't? Just singl or selected photos only?

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