Login and Set up your Picturelife Smartloader for Windows

First, download Picturelife's free Smartloader for Windows.

Not sure how to do this? Find install instructions here.

1. Login to your Picturelife account or create a new account

Immediately after install, the Picturelife login screen will open.

  • Already a Picturelife account holder? Enter your existing account credentials then click Continue
  • New to Picturelife? Create your free account by simply entering your preferred login email address and a password, then click Continue - it's that easy to create a free account!

2. Select a subscription - or keep your existing free or paid account

  • Already have a paid account? No problem. Select Free - Picturelife will recognize your subscription upon login
  • Want to upgrade your existing account? Choose your preferred subscription and click Continue, then enter your credit card information when prompted.
  • Want to keep your free account? Click Free and move to the next step.


3. Select your photo and video upload sources

Picturelife will securely upload all photos and videos from the sources you add here - including photos and videos from subfolders.

You can always go back and change your Upload Sources at any time - click here to learn more.

For more granular upload source control:

  • Click Add Folder...
  • Navigate to and individually add the upload sources you'd like Picturelife to upload from.
  • Click Continue when you've added all of your preferred upload sources

Don't want to upload ALL of the photos stored on your PC? De-select "Pictures" then add folders individually, depending on what you do and don't want to upload.

4. Take the tour

  • Take a quick tour for an introduction to Picturelife - click Continue to move to the next screen
  • Picturelife Pro? Click Skip Tour to finish setup

5. Finish Setup and open your Picturelife library

That's it! You have completed the Smartloader setup - Picturelife will start uploading photos and videos from the sources you just selected, directly to your private Picturelife library. All uploads will be private by default.

From this final screen, select Open Picturelife and then Continue - your library will open in a new browser window. As photos are uploaded, they'll become visible there.


Now what?

Get to know Picturelife and check out your Picturelife library!

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