Changing the time & date on one or more photos

New and improved! Often times, a photo is assigned the wrong date and time. Reasons for this include:

  • The Time/Date setting wasn’t set correctly on the camera that took the photos
  • The Time/Date setting on the camera wasn’t set at all
  • The photos are scanned pictures

Another thing to keep in mind is that Picturelife does NOT import adjusted time and date from iPhoto. Luckily, we've recently updated our Adjust Time Date tool to make it even easier to edit your photos' timestamps. You now have three options when you adjust the time and date of a single or selection of photos adjust time and date:

  1. Change all selected photos to the SAME time and date
  2. Shift time/date of selected photos by a specific amount
  3. Change time zone only

Change multiple photos to the same time & date

This option is useful when you've uploaded a batch of scanned photos - date on scanned photos is automatically assigned a timestamp according to the date they were first digitized.

If today you upload 50 newly scanned photos (to any digital location - your computer or directly to Picturelife) those photos will be assigned TODAY'S date.

Shift time and date of selected photos

Useful when the time / date settings on your digital camera are incorrect - you took a batch of photos in a sequence, starting at, for example, March 3rd, 2010 at 3:15 PM.

Unfortunately, the first photo's ACTUAL timestamp was March 17th, 2010 at 3:15 PM - but you forgot to adjust your camera's time and date settings when you purchased it!

To adjust these photos, select all pictures in the batch, and use the Shift Time and Date option - select the appropriate time and date of the first photo in that batch, and every photo will be adjusted forward in time (in this example, all photos will be adjusted forward in time by exactly 14 days)

Change time zone only without affecting time

This happens a lot - your time and date settings are correct, you're ready to take those photos, you upload them to Picturelife - but for some reason, they're dated one hour in the future.

Because New York (where you took the photos) is one hour ahead of Chicago (where your camera THINKS you took the pictures), and you forgot to adjust the timezone on your camera.

Again, easy fix! Simply adjust the time zone using the Adjust Time Date tool, and voila - instant fix.


  1. Log in to your Picturelife account from a desktop web browser at
  2. Navigate to and select the photos you need to adjust
  3. Open the INFO window (right side of screen, two left pointing arrows)
  4. Hover over the timestamp until you see the editing pen appear - click on this pen
  5. From the drop down menu, select the appropriate option
  6. Adjust time / date / timezone as preferred, and click "Save"
  7. Finally, refresh the page to enable the changes to come into affect and that's it!

Still confused? Check out this video tutorial:

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  • Avatar
    Tânia & Mathieu Gerard

    The feature to shift the time of a group is completely screwed. The pop-up shows you the time of the earliest picture but in the editable zone, you need to put the new time of the latest picture. I realised it because it's that time appearing in the editor, except that the AM/PM is also messed up. Guys, please make this more straightforward to use. To me it would be faster to say add or remove x hours and x minutes.

    The change of timezone for a group works fine though

  • Avatar
    Picturelife Support

    Hi Tania & Mathieu - thanks for pointing this out to us. I'll look into it and file and issue as necessary - appreciate you bringing this to our attention.
    - Amy

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