Set up your Picturelife Profile Page

PLEASE NOTE - All of your pictures and videos on your Picturelife account are 100% private - unless you (and only you) decide to share them with friends, family, or publicly.

One fun, easy, and beautiful way to share your pictures and videos is through your dedicated public Picturelife page. This article walks you through the set up.

Learn more: Share your photos via your Picturelife Profile Page.

Set up your public Picturelife page

Before you can share photos via your Profile Page, you need to set it up.

  1. Log in to your Profile Page Settings at
  2. Enter your profile page name and information
  3. To save, click Update Profile
  4. Start sharing!

Note: you cannot change the "" part of the URL. You can only personalize the end of the URL to coincide with your name or nickname, or really anything you want to use. For example, my URL is

To enable or disable downloads from your public page

You can allow others to download pictures from your public page. By default, downloads are disabled. To enable downloads:

  1. Log in to your Privacy Settings at
  2. To ENABLE downloads, click the button "on" so that it turns blue
  3. To DISABLE downloads, click the toggle button "off" so that it shows grey with a white X mark.
  4. Click Update Library Settings to save your preferences

To change your public page profile picture

  1. Log in to your Profile Page Settings at
  2. Hover your cursor over the allocated profile picture space until you see "edit"
  3. Click "edit"
  4. A new menu will open - choose a photo from any of the options - Recently Uploaded, Highest Rated, or upload a photo directly from your computer
  5. Click the thumbnail of the photo you'd like to use - the photo will be automatically set as your profile picture

The photo will appear both on your public page, and in your Picturelife account.

To access Account Settings drop down menu from within your account on the web, click the photo, your name, or the arrow next to your photo.

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