My Aperture/iPhoto library is pretty unorganized. Should I upload it to Picturelife?

Absolutely - but FIRST, we highly recommend spending some time organizing and cleaning up your Aperture/iPhoto library.

Why is this so important?

  1. Deleted photos / albums in Aperture/iPhoto (any time I use "album", I am also referring to Events, Projects, and Folders) are not automatically deleted in your Picturelife account. Learn more about deleting pictures & videos from Picturelife.
  2. There's currently no batch album deletion tool available in Picturelife. If you upload 2,000 albums from Aperture/iPhoto, then realize you only want 1,209 of them, it's going to take a long time to delete the Picturelife albums one by one. You'll save time and energy if you clean up iPhoto / Aperture albums before uploading.
  3. If you move a photo to a new album in Aperture/iPhoto, that picture will be added to the new album in Picturelife - but it will NOT be removed from the first album.
  4. Resetting your own account is possible via Advanced Settings, but any time you reset your account, you take on the risk associated with potentially losing photos that you may have wrongly believed to be saved locally, as well as to your Picturelife account - we'd hate to see that happen to you.

The best thing you can to do, right now, is to read the FAQs and understand how Picturelife works, then organize your Aperture/iPhoto library accordingly BEFORE beginning the backup process.

This way, you won't want or need to reset your Picturelife account.


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