Bug reporting for the Lightroom plugin

Find a bug? We want to know about it. As this is the VERY first version of our Lightroom plugin, and since Camera > Lightroom > Picturelife workflows can vary dramatically, you're bound to find a few bugs. Since you're reading this bug reporting tutorial, it's probably a good guess that you have found one! So, we want to hear from you - the sooner we learn about the bug, the sooner we can squash it.

To report a Picturelife plugin for Lightroom bug:

  1. Open Lightroom > File > Plug-in Manager
  2. Select Picturelife from the plug-in list
  3. Scroll down to Plug-in Preferences and find Troubleshooting.
  4. Tick Enable debug logging
  5. Click Submit Debug Log to open the log screen:
    • Enter your name and Picturelife login email address
    • Under Problem description, please include clear bug reproduction steps - try to provide as much detail on how you found the bug in the first place. Our engineers are going to try to recreate this bug, so pretend you're instructiing them on how to do it.
  6. Click Submit
  7. Click OK to confirm that you want to submit the log. Click Cancel to cancel the log report.

Thank you in advance!

Learn more about the Picturelife Lightroom plug-in:

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