Run a diagnostic log

Occasionally someone from Picturelife will ask you to run a diagnostic log on your desktop app. This helps us identify any problems that may be causing delays or failures in media uploads. Do not run a log unless asked to do so.

To run a diagnostic log

First, make sure the Picturelife desktop application is running on your desktop, and you are logged in to your Picturelife account in the desktop app.

Please also make sure that at least one upload source is added and selected in the desktop app's Preferences > Folders menu.

Run the log:

  1. Go to Preferences > Advanced and click Enable Diagnostic Logging
  2. Close out of the Preferences menu, but do not quit the app
  3. Let the desktop app run for at least 20-30 minutes (but not longer than 60 minutes)
  4. Go to Preferences > Advanced - disable diagnostic logging A .txt file called PicturelifeDiagnosticLogging will be saved in a folder to your desktop.

Please send this file to the Picturelife team member who is helping you.

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