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How do I upload my camera roll photos and videos?

First, create a new account or login to your existing account. Once you've logged in, tap "Enable Upload" on the Welcome Screen.

If you forgot to Enable Uploads, you can adjust your settings to upload your photos and videos:

To upload your camera roll photos to your logged in Picturelife account, open the menu bar > tap Upload Paused > tap Allow Uploads so it turns blue. 

Are the photos stored in Picturelife also stored on my iOS device?

Picturelife displays the photos and videos that are stored on your iOS device, as well as photos and videos that you've already uploaded to your Picturelife account.

To upload pictures and videos to Picturelife's storage, sign up for a free account, or login to your existing account. If you are not logged in, Picturelife will only display the photos and videos that are stored on your device camera roll.

Can I delete pictures and videos from my camera roll?

Picturelife displays the pictures and videos that are stored on your device's camera roll.

If you want to free up space by deleting photos from your camera roll, you must first login to your Picturelife account in the iOS app, and upload your camera roll pictures and videos.

Once they've been safely uploaded to your Picturelife account, you can delete them from your device camera roll. This will not affect any photos and videos that you've already uploaded. 

How do i know if my pictures and videos have been uploaded?

There are two ways to check:

  1. From the iOS app: Open the menu bar > Backup Status > Camera Roll - if the photos have a status symbol in the bottom right corner, they have NOT been uploaded. Tap the Options button > Upload Everything, and wait for the symbols to disappear before deleting the media from your Camera Roll.
  2. From your account on the web: Login to your Picturelife account on the web. If you can see your camera roll pictures from your web account, then they've been uploaded.

Learn how to determine if an iOS photo has been uploaded

Where are my photos stored?

Your Picturelife photos are privately stored in Picturelife's secure cloud storage.

Technical stuff: data is SSL encrypted in transit. The servers themselves are stored under Amazon's fortress-like physical security. We doubt even James Bond could sweet talk his way through those doors.

How does Enhanced Background Uploading work? Why is it using GSP data?

This feature will only automatically upload from your camera roll if Auto Upload Camera Roll is on. Additionally, Enhanced Uploads will upload over wifi only, unless you enabled Upload over Cellular as well.

The Picturelife iOS app uses information obtained from the built-in cellular or Wi-Fi hardware to triangulate a location fix for the device, which it reports to the Picturelife app.

When a "significant location change" occurs - approximately 1 mile - a notification is triggered and sent to the Picturelife app to check the device for new pictures to upload. We use cellular and wifi rather than GPS location services in order to drain as little device battery power as possible, and still enable background uploads.

Because of the way it currently works, the app will only get triggered to upload in the background when you move a significant distance (around 1 mile).

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