How to contact Picturelife Support

Send a message by clicking the Support tab from the Help Center Home Page



  • Weekdays: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Weekends: On call
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    I've emailed you guys 3 times and no one has responded!! I'm missing pictures and I need help!!

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    Martin Heijkenskjöld

    I just missed almost all my picture! And my account now says that I have used minus -3.35%! Please help to restore them as Picturelife is my only backup.

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    Picturelife Support

    Hi Martin,

    We identified your account and see you have 4,867 photos in your account. Could you send us an email to with a screenshot of where you see those -3.35%? Please rest assured we will fix your issue. Thanks.

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    Rouault Family

    Your indexing service appears to be down or not working... newly entered tags today are not searchable.

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    David Ljungberg

    Been trying to get in touch with you for over a week now. Please get back asap! Having trouble uploading since some time back (done all the obvious trouble shooting).

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    Could someone respond to my support ticket? Thank you!

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    In the past, PictureLife has been great in responding, but the last couple of weeks I've had no response at all despite 5 or 6 attempts. Please respond!!! Thanks, steve

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    Is this service dead? I've tried getting a hold of support because your download links are broken for the Mac and PC apps.

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    Shaun Clark

    Hellooooooo - downloads not working, support emails not being replied to etc. You guys were always so great and helpful, what gives now? Help us all please :-)

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    I made the mistake of migrating my Stream Nation account to Picturelife. I had many videos there, and since the switch I only see three. Many, many emails with support later, and I still can't see my files. I was even thinking of buying space here but probably the only upside to this is that I had the chance to see how terrible support is. Luckily those were personal files, I can't imagine if any of that data were from work, I would be in deep trouble. I've sent several messages without reply after the last one I received a couple of weeks back, when for some reason I got locked out of my account and got a prompt to "log back into Stream Nation to change my password"!!!!!! Please help, I need to retrieve my files so I can close permanently this account

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    Miki Lior

    Is picture life support dead? can't download my pictures...

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    Michael Spurlock

    We are experiencing the same thing. My photos still upload to Picturelife but we cannot recover them from the Archive Download page. I am paying for the unlimited premium account and I can't get answers to my support requests by email. This is a completely unacceptable situation. Picturelife/StreamNation needs to step up and at least tell us what is going on. You are holding us hostage by having a service that we cannot get support for and does not work but we also cannot migrate away from it since we cannot download our data. My feeling is that this is getting dangerously close to asking for a class action lawsuit.

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    Guess what? Now I log in and I immediately get a propt: "Picturelife cannot process your request at this time" !!!!!!!! Seriously?? I have the feeling this service is DEAD. No response from my last email to support, nothing. I really feel sorry for the people that stored important work documents/files here. I wish I'd just downloaded my files instead of migrating from StreamNation

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    Robert Dorsch

    I am unable to see my account. Sending messages gets errors. You charged my credit card but now I can't access my pictures to send to anyone. What is going on?

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    I have the same problem. Opened a ticket a month ago, no response. Twitter, no response. Glad I pay over $100 year for awful service. I just want my pictures and a response.

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