How does face tagging work?

Does Picturelife have face recognition?

Picturelife currently offers facial identification - this is different than facial recognition. Facial identification means that the software identifies a face in the photo, but does not recognize who that face belongs to. You can add a face tag to any photo that has a face identified.

How do I add a face tag to a picture?

Hover your pointer over a photo with a face in it - if Picturelife has identified a face in your photo, you'll see a square outline around the face. Click on that square, then type in the face tag, or scroll the drop down list to select an existing tag.

What should I do if Picturelife doesn't identify a face?

At this time, if Picturelife doesn't identify a face, it's not possible to manually add a face tag (this will be available when Face Recognition is released!)

If Picturelife does not recognize a face, try adding a regular tag. Tags are awesome for organizing and filtering your Picturelife library - the combination of Search + Tagging makes it super easy to find, organize, and share your Picturelife photos.

Face Recognition is a work in progress - it's an important feature to us, and we know it's important to you as well. As soon as it's up to our standards, we'll release an update.

How do I filter pictures by face tag?

There are two quick ways to find all photos with a certain face tag:

1. From an open, tagged photo

  1. Find and open in full-browser any photo with a given face tag.
  2. Hover your cursor over the face and then click on the face tag to show you all pictures that have that face tag.

2. Use Search

  1. In the Search bar (website or iOS), type of [face tag name] - for example, of Amy
  2. Click on the tag you want from the drop down search suggestions to open all photos with that face tag

How do I know which photos still need to be tagged?

Run a search!

Type tagging into the Search bar, and select with people who need tagging from the drop down search suggestions. This will return all photos that have faces that need to be tagged. Open a photo and start adding face tags!

Face tagging and image tags are only available via the Picturelife website at this point, and are not available via Android or iOS.

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