What is a media ID and how do I find it in the iOS app?

When you contact the Picturelife Support Team with an issue regarding viewing a picture, video, or album, we will ask you to provide the media ID number. This will help us identify and fix the issue you are experiencing.

A media ID number is a set of numbers and letters specific to a photo, video, Album, or Event, that is unique to your account and your media. This number will allow us to look up useful troubleshooting data on the issue you are experiencing.

The media ID number does NOT give us permission to view the photo, unless you've already shared the image with us. It only allows us to look at the upload and exif data behind the photo.

You can grab the media ID number from the Picturelife website or from the iOS app, and share it with the support team pasting it in your support thread or email.

If you need to find an Album ID, please do so via the Picturelife website.

Find a single photo or video media ID

  1. Sign in to your Picturelife account in the iOS app
  2. Find and open the photo in question
  3. Tap and hold your finger over the photo to open the quick nav menu
  4. Drag the picture to Share
  5. Tap Copy Link - the image URL, containing the media ID, will be copied to your iOS clipboard
  6. Paste the copied link into your support reply email / thread and send it to the support team



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