What are keyboard shortcuts and how do I use them?

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly do many of the actions you can perform on the Picturelife website using your keyboard instead of navigating menus with your mouse. Below is a list of existing keyboard shortcuts for the Picturelife website.

If you have a particular keyboard shortcut request, please share it (along with a short use case) in the comments below this article and we'll update the article as we update the shortcuts!


i toolbar
cmd+f search (Mac)
ctrl+f search (PC)
b Albums
a Recently TAKEN photos
d Recently IMPORTED photos
f Friend stream
m Family stream
v Memories
p Places
t Timeline

Grid - With photo(s) selected

spacebar full screen on selected photo
backspace | delete delete photo
arrow keys move selection cursor
shift + keys select range
cmd + arrow keys select extra individual Mac
ctrl + arrow keys select extra individual PC
cmd + a select all Mac
ctrl + a select all PC
0-5 number keys rate photos
page up | page down move up or down the page when one or more photos is selected

Full Screen

esc exits
backspace / delete delete photo

Keyboard shortcuts are also helpful for selecting media in your Picturelife library.

To select multiple consecutive photos or videos in your library, click the first item, press the shift key, and then click on the last item you'd like to choose.

To select multiple non-consecutive photos or videos in your library, press the control key and then click on each item you'd like to select.

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