What are conversations and how do I use them? (video)

Welcome to our newest sharing feature! Watch this tutorial video to learn more - find FAQs below the video:


How do I un-share photo(s) or albums that I shared in a Conversation?

  1. Open the Conversation
  2. Click on the photo you want to un-share
  3. Open the dropdown privacy menu
  4. Select "Private" to change the photo to completely private

This will make the photo non-visible to anyone in the Conversation feed aside from you. The photo will remain in the Conversation feed when viewed from YOUR account - but it will not be visible to anyone else in that Conversation feed.

What happens if I click the Trash icon in a Conversation picture?

Clicking the Trash icon will remove a photo from your view in the Conversation feed. This does not delete the photo. This also does not remove the photo from the recipient's Conversation feed (unless you've already changed the photo to Private). It just means that, when you open that particular conversation, you won't see the photo anymore.

To remove the photo from the Conversation entirely (after you've unshared the photo):

  1. Open the Conversation
  2. Find and click on the trash can icon, located in the top right corner of the Conversation photo

As long as you made the photo Private (see above for instructions), then the photo will not be visible in the Conversation feed at all - to you or to anyone else in that Conversation.

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