I get an error when I try to post to Facebook

Occasionally, Facebook requires re-authorization of third party apps, such as Facebook, for security reasons.

If you get an error that a photo cannot be posted to Facebook, or if you believe your Facebook imports are stalled please try the following before reaching out to support:

  1. Make sure you are signed into your Facebook account
  2. Sign in to your Network Account Settings on the Picturelife website -
  3. Find Facebook in the third party network list, and click disconnect
  4. Reconnect to (and reauthorize) Facebook by clicking Connect again
  5. Be sure to enable imports (and albums) when you re-connect if you want to continue importing Facebook photos to Picturelife.

Once you've done this, try posting to Facebook again. If your Facebook imports have stalled, wait a few hours and then check your library to see if new photos were imported.

If you continue to get an error or are concerned about imports, contact the support team - please include the error message in your email.

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