How do I publicly link to a picture or album?

You can publicly link to photos and albums from the Picturelife website. This feature will be available in the iOS app and Android app soon.

To Publicly share a photo, album, or event:

  1. Sign in to the Picturelife website
  2. Find and select the photo or video you want to share
  3. Change the privacy to "Public" for public sharing via your Picturelife profile page by doing either of the following:
    • From a closed info menu, click the padlock icon, then click the Earth button
    • From an open info menu, click the words "Private" to open the dropdown privacy menu, then select Public
  4. Click Copy to clipboard or the clipboard symbol to copy and then paste the link anywhere you'd like to share.


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  • Avatar
    Karan & Seema Kapoor

    I'm writing a blog and would like to embed image urls directly in the blog. How do I get the actual image urls from PictureLife? The above method seems to provide a link to PictureLife to view the picture.

    Link from picture life:<picturelifeuser>/media/Ei85E4zG1w6pvT

    What I'm looking for:<picturelifeuser>/media/Ei85E4zG1w6pvT.jpg

  • Avatar
    Federwitz Family

    I am looking for the same type of link as the above commenter. I know this is possible with services like Photobucket, as just one example, but I would like to use my photos in Picturelife since they are already there.

    Is this possible??

  • Avatar
    Federwitz Family

    PS - I'd mainly like to do this from my iOS device since that's where I seem to do most of this type of sharing.

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