What are Memories emails and notifications?

What are the Email notification options?

Do you remember what you were doing one year ago today? How about two years ago? Three? Do you have any clue what you were up to ten years ago today? Picturelife does - and delivers those photo memories straight to your inbox and / or your mobile device with the Memories notifications. 

We love this feature - it's so fun to wake up in the morning, check your email, and find a picture of yourself on the beach in Mexico - and then reminisce over that amazing trip to Tulum you took with friends, 3 years ago today! Or, pictures from your wedding, or those beautiful pictures of your first child from the day she was born. These memories make us who we are today.

How are these photos selected? 

Memories emails and mobile notifications are a completely private collection of your photos from today, in history. The photos are automatically detected using what's called exif data - this data contains a timestamp, which tells Picturelife when the photo was taken. 

Our software gathers those photos together and sends you a link (and a preview of some of the photos!) in an email, or directly to your mobile device. The Picturelife team does NOT choose these photos, nor do we see them - it's all done automatically by our software.

Does this mean someone else can see my photos?

Your privacy is extremely important to us. The Memories emails contain a preview of a couple of photos and link you to your library - but you need to sign in to your account to view the rest of the photos. Even if you forward the email by mistake, the recipient will not be able to access your Picturelife library unless you tell them your login password (which you should never share, for Picturelife or any other service!)

Your Picturelife email notifications will only be sent to the address you designate as your "Default Email," so be sure this information is accurate.

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