Uninstall the Windows desktop application

First, uninstall the application from Control Panel

  1. Open the Start Menu and select Control Panel
  2. Select Programs
  3. Let the Programs list populate completely, then find and select Picturelife (if you have an older version, it may be called PLSync or Smartloader)
  4. With Picturelife highlighted, click the Uninstall/Change button
  5. Select Remove the application from this computer and then select OK

Once the program is uninstalled, you will be returned to your Programs list - make sure that Picturelife is not in the list. If it is, start the process again from the first step, above.

Second, remove local app data files

Occasionally, you will be unable to reinstall Picturelife unless all of the local Picturelife files are also removed from your PC. Below are the steps to remove any local files.

  1. Open a Windows browser window
  2. Copy / paste this into the browser bar - replace [your_windows_username] with your Windows login user name: 
  3. Find, select, and right click on the Picturelife folder - select Delete from the drop down menu
  4. When prompted with "Are you sure you want to move this to the Recycle Bin?" select Yes

This will completely remove the Picturelife application from your PC.

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