Uninstall the Mac desktop application

This tutorial explains how to remove the Smartloader software from your Mac. Removing the software does only that - removes software. It does NOT delete your Picturelife account - your Picturelife account will remain active unless you delete the account entirely.

Click here to learn how to delete your Picturelife account.

Click here to learn how to do a Clean Install (full reinstall) of the Mac desktop client.

If you are uncertain whether or not a clean install would help resolve the issues you're experiencing, please reach out to first.

To completely remove the Mac desktop app from your computer:

Step 1: Quit Picturelife from Activity Monitor

  • Open Activity Monitor (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor)
  • Find and select Picturelife in the Activity Monitor list (or Smartloader, if you can't find Picturelife)
  • Click Force Quit - the button looks like a hexagon with an X in the center (top left corner of Activity Monitor)

Step 2: Drag the Picturelife application to the Trash

  • Open your Applications folder (Finder > Applications)
  • Find, highlight, and drag Picturelife/Smartloader to your Trash

Step 3: Delete the Picturelife Library file

  • From an open Applications folder, click Go in the menu bar
  • Hold down the OPTION key on your keyboard and click Library from the Go drop down menu
  • Find Picturelife in your Library files and drag the entire folder to the trash

This will completely remove all traces of the Picturelife desktop application (the Smartloader) from your Mac.

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