How do I find and change my Windows desktop application preferences?

The Smartloader application preferences allow you to customize the application to your liking. For example, you can turn desktop notifications on or off, adjust upload speeds, change the color of the Picturelife icon in your system tray, and add or remove backup sources.

Access the Smartloader application preferences on Windows PC

  1. Click the Picturelife icon from your system tray

  2. Select Preferences... from the menu

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Start Picturelife when your computer starts up (recommended)

You can have Picturelife launch automatically whenever you start your computer. This option is recommended in order to ensure new photos are automatically backed up to your Picturelife at all times.

Show Picturelife Notifications (recommended)

Check this option if you want recent events, such as when photos are backed up to your Picturelife, to appear as a system notification on your desktop computer.

Check for updates

Above this button is the current version of your Smartloader installation. To make sure you have the latest version installed, click the Check for Updates button. Reference your current version number number in support cases.


Email Address

The email address associated with your Picturelife account is shown here. Your Picturelife account settings can be viewed and customized on the Picturelife website.

Log Out

You can log out of your Picturelife account using this option. Your Smartloader will stop backing up to your account. A logged out computer can be logged back in to any Picturelife account by opening the Picturelife application from your desktop Programs folder and logging in to the account.


View and adjust your desktop back up source folders, and enable RAW format uploads and video uploads.

Picturelife will automatically find all of the phoots in the locations you select in Folders, and upload them to your Picturelife library.

To add a new upload source folder, click Add Folder then select and open the new folder. Picturelife will upload all of the photos contained in the added folder, as well as photos contained in any subfolders.

Sync Camera RAW Files

Select this option to upload any RAW format photos that are stored in your selected Folders.

Sync Movies

Select this option to upload any videos that are stored in your selected Folders.

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The Network tab contains controls that affect the rate of upload to your picturelife.

Don't Limit Upload Rate: Select this option if you want Picturelife to upload files from your computer to Picturelife at the fastest available speed.

Limit Upload Rate Automatically (recommended): Select this option if you want Picturelife to determine the speed at which to upload your files

Limit Upload Rate to _____: Choose your own upload rate here in kilobytes per second


After Pause, Resume Backup After...

This allows you to decide when Picturelife will start backing up your photos again after you've paused the upload. Use the slider to set your timing preference.

Set the slider at never and Picturelife will only resume the backup when you tell it to.

You can manually resume upload by clicking on the Picturelife icon in your system tray, and selecting Resume Upload.

Limit Processor Usage

When this is selected, Picturelife will automatically limit processor usage during upload. This will prevent battery drainage and is a good option when you are using Picturelife when your computer is not plugged in.

De-select this option to increase Picturelife's upload speed - keep in mind that this will slow down other applications that are running on your computer.

Diagnostic Logging Controls

Enabling diagnostic logging will help us identify and fix problems you might be experiencing with the desktop client. Only enable diagnostic logging when asked to do so by the Picturelife support team.

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