How do I favorite a photo?

From the iOS app

  1. Open the picture in full screen
  2. Open the photo actions menu screen by either:
    • Tapping & holding the photo until a menu appears
    • Tapping and dragging up the Me menu from the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap or drag the photo to Favorite or the Heart symbol and let go

From the Picturelife website:

  1. Select the photo(s) you want to favorite
  2. Find and click the heart symbol, located in the info menu bar on the right side of the screen



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    Nathan Allison

    When I favorite something I can see it on my "Favorites" section on iOS, but don't see all my favorites on the website. I am aware of the search "that are favorited", but that only shows some of the pictures that are favorited, not all of the photos that show up in the "Favorites" section in the iOS app.

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    Nathan Allison

    It looks like they just take a while to show up in the search results. The next day the others showed up (though they displayed immediately in the iOS favorites section). It would sure be nice to find all my favorites right away! :)

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