How do I import my photos from Dropbox?

Import your photos directly from DropBox to your Picturelife library! It’s super easy to set up. Once authorized, Picturelife will, by default, import photos from your Photos and Camera Uploads folders. You can add more import folders in your Picturelife Advanced Dropbox Settings.

To import your Dropbox folders

  1. Authenticate your Dropbox account with Picturelife by clicking this link
  2. Select the folders you want to import to Picturelife in Picturelife's Advanced Dropbox Settings here
  3. Activate and initiate the import by clicking here:

Picturelife will by default import your Photos and Camera Uploads folders. 

Picturelife will import and process your Dropbox photos as quickly as possible - it may take a day or two for all of the photos to reach your Picturelife library, depending on how many photos are being imported.

Photos imported from Dropbox are stored in your Picturelife account, and therefore do count towards your total Picturelife storage allotment.

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