How do I unhide a picture?

Hidden photos remain safely stored in your Picturelife library, but they won't appear in any of the Picturelife pages unless you Show Hidden Photos, or Unhide the hidden pictures.

If you're using Android or iOS, sign in to the Picturelife website to unhide pictures.

To unhide a hidden photo on the Picturelife website

  1. Sign in to the Picturelife website
  2. Click your name at the top of any page to open the settings menu
  3. Select Show Hidden Photos
  4. In the Search bar, type "hidden" - but without the quotation marks
  5. Select That are hidden from the drop down suggestions
  6. Find and select the photos you want to unhide
  7. Click the faded circle button in the Info menu to unhide the selected photos

The photos will be visible in your Picturelife library, in all pages - this includes albums, Timeline, Memories, All Pictures, etc.

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