How do I permanently delete pictures from my Picturelife?

Trashed photos are stored in Picturelife Trash until you either restore the photo or empty the trash.

Once you permanently delete a picture, Picturelife will NOT automatically re-upload it. If the photo is stored in an outside (non-Picturelife) source, you can force re-upload the picture to Picturelife.

If you're not yet sure that you want to delete a picture, we suggest hiding the photo from view of your Picturelife library (this works great with those annoying photos of ex boyfriends!)

To permanently delete photos from your Picturelife:

  1. Select Trash from the navigation bar
  2. To permanently delete a selection of photos, either:
    • Find and select the photo(s) you want to permanently delete
    • In the grey pop up shortcut menu, select Permanently Delete
    • Click Permanently Delete to finish the process and permanently delete these photos from your Picturelife library
  3. To empty the trash and permanently delete ALL photos that are in Picturelife Trash,
  4. Find and click the Empty Trash button - located in the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Click Empty Trash to finish the process and permanently delete all of the photos in your Picturelife Trash.

Warning: Emptying the Trash and Permanently Deleting photos WILL permanently delete the photo from Picturelife. You can’t restore the photo unless you have another copy of that photo, stored on an outside source - such as a hard drive.

If you want to re-upload the photo after permanently deleting it, you can force a re-upload. Click here to learn how to force re-upload photos that you permanently deleted from Picturelife.

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  • Avatar
    Cameron Fowler

    I use the Lightroom plugin to get my photos up on Photolife. How can I force re-upload of an image that has been mistakenly deleted off Photolife?

    I want to use the Lightroom uploader so I can keep my tags and ratings from Lightroom.


  • Avatar
    The link that you have on this page to force reuploads sends me right back to this page [ ] That's pretty silly now, isn't it? Could you please either FIX THE LINK or put the info on THIS PAGE. I don't intend yelling at you, but I am raising my voice out of sheer frustration.
  • Avatar
    Nicolas Martin

    I don’t see a “permanently delete” option. No matter how many times I trash a photo, it reappears. Waste of damned time.

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