Lightroom plugin keywords, Mac Smartloader failed uploads, library resets - August 14

Quick update. We became aware of a few issues earlier this week and are working on fixes. Keep an eye on this blog for updates.

  1. Lightroom plugin - keywords and tags are not being imported from Lightroom via the Picturelife plugin
  2. Mac Smartloader - "Failed to upload - Picturelife cannot find that photo" - known issue, working on a fix
  3. Resets are offline - we will re-enable this feature as soon as possible, though of course we don't encourage using it regularly (or even more than once). If you're using the Reset feature often, we are doing something wrong. Let us know what we can do better, so that a Reset isn't a necessary feature.
    UPDATE: Resets have been re-enabled, as of September 7, 2014

As always, thanks for your patience.

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