Does Picturelife compress or alter my photos in any way?

Picturelife always backs up your photo and video files in their original resolution.

If you are a free user, we will keep your photos into their original resolution in jpeg. If you subscribed to one of our plans, then your photos will be kept in their original format. So if you begin as a free user and then subscribe to a premium plan, your photos will be uploaded again so we back up the original format.

We do generate various size thumbnails (from very small to very large) to optimize for viewing your library from different devices (such as the iOS app, web app, and Android app).

Even if you use our in-app editor to "replace existing file", the original resolution is still backed up - what's replaced is the version that you view in the app interface, not the actual original file itself.

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    Cameron-Schultz Family

    Since your plans are essentially based on the amount of storage we use it would be nice, real nice, to have the option of re-sizing the photos we upload (either immediately in the uploader or on your servers). 1920x1080 would be a nice compromise between saving space and filling up the screen. Thanks,

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