How do I upload photos to an album?

You can upload one or more photos from your computer directly to an existing album by using the drag and drop on Picturelife online. Photos added to albums will also be organized into your Timeline, Memories, and Places views as well as the selected album.

  1. Log in to your account on the Picturelife website.
  2. Find and click Albums to open your Albums page
  3. Open the album you want to add photos to by clicking on the cover photo
  4. On your computer, find and select the photos or videos you want to upload
  5. Drag the photos directly onto the open Picturelife album online

The photos will be uploaded directly into your new album. Allow a few minutes for the photos to appear, and refresh the browser page after a minute or two to view the new photos.

NOTE: drag and drop only works with photo and video files - it does not work with entire folders. We recommend dragging and dropping around 20-25 photos at a time, depending on the strength of your Internet connection.

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